Welcome to the Lindy Hop Wikia

This wiki is meant to break down Lindy Hop moves/stylings/techniques/principles to help everyone remember what they've learned, or share their knowledge with others.

Wiki Structure

Basically the purpose of this wiki is to have Lindy Hop concepts be easily searchable. There are great videos all over the internet that show various moves and ideas, but they are almost all in the form "here's what we learned in week 3 of random class x" and that's great, but it can be hard to find what you're actually looking for. I want to build this wiki with as much of an object-oriented structure as possible. There are infinite ways in which Lindy Hop moves can be combined, but I'd like to keep each concept as self-contained as possible, and just link each page to other pages, as opposed to "these are the 6 things we learned on a workshop in July aren't they cool?" as that isn't conducive to easy searching.

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