Open, Closed

Alternate Names

Swing Out, Lindy Hop Basic


The Swingout is the classic Lindy Hop move, and is the base for which there are many variations. In the most basic version, the follow is led toward the lead from open position, both lead and follow turn 360 degrees and the follow is propelled out to open position.



Swingouts can be transitioned into from closed or open position, and out of to basically any open position move.

Count Breakdown

Using basic 8-count footwork, the follow is led in sometime between count 1 and count 3 past the leader's right side. Both people facing the opposite direction from where they started by count 4. Between 4 and 5, the follow is propelled out to open position, again past the lead's right side to reach a stretch by 8. During counts 5-8, the lead basically completes their footwork in place while the follow travels to away open position.


Texas Tommy


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